Celebrate Emancipation Day with “How Jamaica Conquered The World” at the Birmingham Caribbean Festival 2015 August 1st

jamaica_conquererd_the_worldAn evening of “How Jamaica Conquered The World” to celebrate Jamaica’s cultural success, will be held as part the Birmingham ‘AfricaADA Caribbean Festival’ at the Repertory Theatre, Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP, Saturday evening, August 1, 2015 from 6:00 – 9:00pm.

A growing annual summer extravaganza, the colourful, vibrant and entertaining Caribbean cultural extravaganza, formerly known as just a ‘Taste of the Caribbean’, includes many more events celebrating Caribbean music, dance, art and crafts. The organizers of the Birmingham Caribbean Festival have partnered with CaribBe TV, the premier multi-media platform streaming Caribbean Television & Films live and on-demand, as part of its mission to strengthen the ties between the Caribbean and the UK, for an evening “How Jamaica Conquered The World”, which brings a fitting close to the festival on ‘Emancipation Day’, in celebration of the Reggae island that has so much more to offer than music, sports and style.

On the back of his renowned podcast series, the “How Jamaica Conquered the World” evening will be hosted by Roifield Brown, who will present a lively session of film, podcasts, music and discussion. The panel on the night includes Cleveland Brownie from Kingston, one half of dancehall pioneering duo Steely and Clevie, who will discuss the start of dancehall, Michael Goldwasser from Easy Star All Stars will join from New York to talk about the rise of Reggae around the world, and musicologist Jez Collins from Birmingham University will talk about the crucial role that Birmingham has made in shaping the sound of the island and how this is reflected in Birmingham’s relative ethnic integration.

“Why not come along and join in the debate, learn about our heritage and interact with our panel members” says Roifield Brown, moderator and creator of the podcast series. “Come and celebrate in what promises to be a unique and fun evening, looking at the rise of the cultural superpower that is Jamaica and the role of Birmingham played in its story.”

“How Jamaica Conquered The World” is a project that includes a short film documentary and critically acclaimed podcast series documenting the cultural influence of the island of

Jamaica around the globe post-independence. The project, launched by Roifield Brown in 2012, offers an upbeat and positive view of the island, its people and the diaspora. It features many people from around the world who feel that Jamaica is exceptional, and not just because of its music, sports and style.

The “How Jamaica…” project received an official endorsement from the Jamaica50 Secretariat, the organisation that co-ordinated events in and around Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence (2012).

Website: www.howjamaicaconqueredtheworld.com

All visitors, stand-holders and other participants of the Birmingham AfricaADA Caribbean Festival are warmly invited to join the evening to celebrate Jamaica’s cultural success, which will be a

memorable closure of the festive weekend.

Entrance to the event is free, but strictly guest list only.

For further information and registration, visit: www.facebook.com

For further information about the Birmingham AfricanADA CaribbeanFestival, visit the official Website: http://www.africaadacaribbeanfestival.com

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