BBC Writersroom ‘Script Room’ Open For Submissions


The BBC Writersroom Script Room New Year 2013 window is open for submissions from February 14th 2013 until 5pm on March 28th 2013

BBC Writersroom accept original scripts in the following format:

  • Film
  • TV drama
  • TV Comedy
  • Radio drama
  • Radio comedy
  • Children’s drama
  • Children’s comedy
  • Stage plays

BBC Writersroom do not accept any of the following:

  • Scripts written for existing or previously produced shows/characters
  • Samples or extracts from scripts
  • Full series or serials – The only exception is  the first two episodes from a proposed Woman’s Hour serial for Radio 4, which usually span five fifteen-minute episodes. We do not read further episodes of a series or serial if we have already rejected, or given feedback on a previous episode.
  • Short stories – these may be sent to the Readings Unit.
  • Novels, unpublished prose manuscripts, or another writer’s work you wish to see adapted.
  • Comedy sketches or sketch shows – we only read narrative comedy series and sitcoms.
  • Short film scripts – we only read scripts longer than 30 pages/minutes.
  • Adaptations for broadcast of another writer’s idea – The only exception to this if you have adapted your own work from another medium.)
  • Poetry
  • Scripts from overseas – You may be a non-British-born writer, but you must be resident in the UK. If you are currently living overseas, only consider submitting your script when you return to the UK.
  • Scripts from writers under the age of 16.
  • Submissions by email – at the moment, we only accept hard copies.
  • Resubmissions of work previously considered, even after rewrites – make sure you make your script as good as you possibly can before sending it to us. We also do not read further episodes of a series or serial if we have already considered a previous episode.
  • Scripts submitted previously to talent searches and competitions, the old unsolicited system or the Script Room.
  • Replacement drafts of scripts. Please make sure that you proof-read and check your script thoroughly before you send it to us.
  • Ideas, pitches, outlines, synopses, or treatments on their own – we must always receive a script with every submission.
  • Multiple submissions at one time. If you send in more than one script concurrently (either as part of the same package or separately) we will only log and assess one of them. Alongside the Script Room, will be various specific talent searches which writers may also enter.
  • DVDs, videos, CDs, audio tapes, or any video/audio material accompanying, or instead of, a script.


  • Never send us the only copy of your script – always make sure you retain your own copy. BBC cannot be held responsible for the safe return of your script
  • Always include a cover sheet downloadable from our website – scripts without a cover sheet will not be considered.
  • To bind your script, you may use a bulldog clip. Please don’t send scripts in ring binders or plastic folders.
  • Make sure you number your script pages and put them in the correct order when you send your script.
  • We do not accept handwritten scripts and we ask that you print on only one side of A4 paper. There are script formatting programs available.
  • Make sure your script is as good as you can make it and only send it in when you believe it represents the best of your writing abilities.
  • Do not simultaneously send your script elsewhere at the BBC – most departments do not accept unsolicited work and will simply redirect it to us.
  • If you would like your script returned, include an SSAE for return of your script, making sure that the envelope is large enough – otherwise we will recycle it.
  • If your idea is for a series or serial, please include a brief outline (1-3 pages) of further episodes and the series/serial as a whole.
  • You do not need to include character biographies, scene location breakdowns, or visual material/aids. As a general rule, any essential information about the characters and story should come across in the script itself – with the exception of brief series/serial outlines.
  • You may include a writing CV or biography.
  • Please do not unnecessarily summarise your script or story in cover letters – let your script do the talking.

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