Aged 13 Or Under? ENTER BBC Radio 2 ’500 Words’ Competition Deadline 26th Feb 2014


Returning to BBC Radio 2 for its fourth year, 500 WORDS will ask children aged 13 and under up and down the UK to put pen to paper to compose an original work of fiction using no more than 500 words.

How old will you be on 30 May 2014? If you’ll be 13 or under, and have permission from a parent, guardian or teacher to enter, then go right ahead and submit a story!

The competition has two age categories: 9 and under and 10 – 13 and there are bronze, silver and gold prizes in each category.

Teachers wanting to get involved with judging this competition, please Click Here to complete a form.)

For further information / To Enter Click Here



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  1. joshua says
    12 March 14, 7:54pm

    The life of the night!!!

    Would you like to hear the most exiting story ever? Good, well then keep reading…

    It all happened to me when I was playing with my sister in a field. We were playing catch. My sister threw a ball straight past me but… It went in a mysterious hole! I darted towards it. I had never seen anything like this before I got to close and got sucked in! My sister, who was getting very scared, grabbed me but very unfortunately she also fell in too! We were falling and falling. Suddenly we hit the ground with a huge thud and fainted…

    When I came to, it was pitch-black… I stood up it was like I was walking around in the middle of night. But then things started to get light, the ground started to shake and everything came to life!!! My sister was waking up she got confused and she held me close and tight. Then I heard a rumble in the bushes and shadows filled the air… One of the trees shouted “Oh no masters coming!” “Wait wait who’s your master?” I said quickly. They ran away and didn’t respond… we walked into a desert scared to death. All I could hear was murmuring sand. Suddenly I saw the same shadow that was in the bushes run past! It sneakily crept up on my sister. I held her hand very tightly and ran the chase was on…

    When I came to I was in a mine. There was a monster stood right beside me he was a doglike creature with two heads that looked exactly the same. Like all monsters, he was evil. “find me gold!” he bellowed. I had to start mining otherwise god knows what could of happened. He made us work day and night for him and he was very selfish. We were slaves…

    As I was mining, I noticed that my sister was with me. I whispered ever so quietly “we have to get out of here” suddenly, I got up. I held gold up I was so furious that I threw it at the monster! But suddenly he dodged it this was frustrating, and this went on for quite a while. But… I lost and fell on the I was so tired I couldn’t even stand! The gold was laughing at me, it was horror! As we were feeding the monster. “psssst I know how to get out of here” the chair mysteriously said “the hole that you came out of is under me!”

    1 hour later the monster fell asleep I pushed the heavy chair out of the way I was trembling with excitement me and my sister both jumped in at the same time! But, there was one problem we couldn’t make sure that the monster wouldn’t come back! The closest we got was filling the hole with soil and leaves…

    Every night we fear that the monster will come one knows. Or do they?..


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