TBB's @DescantDeb Reviews 'The Intent' In Cinemas NOW - Putting Young Black Lives On The Big Screen

The Intent hits theatres Friday July 29th, and may herald a much-needed change in British cinema. With the tagline "Trust No-one", the story, penned and produced by Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Slimting Walker, tells the story of the TIC Crew - Thieves In the Community Hoodz (Scorcher AKA Tayo Jarrett), D'Angel (Shone ...

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Somalia Seaton 

Photo credit: Sam Ford

Somalia Seaton Talks Reality Checks, RSC & Defining Her Voice as a Playwright...

Actress, Playwright and Director Somalia Seaton is about to make her RSC debut with new play 'Fall of the Kingdom, Rise of the foot Soldier'  as part of the RSC's 'Making Mischief' programme. Seaton's play is a provocative tale which peels away the privileged ignorance of middle-class tolerance to expose the deep wound ...

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Claire Clottey introducing the 2016 BUFF Media Day

2016 British Urban Film Festival Launches a Schedule Filled With the Best of British Urban Film

Hosted by the ever fantastic Claire Clottey, welcoming us to its hub of four years, Channel 4 in Westminster the British Urban Film Festival announced it's fantastic schedule of events for 2016. BUFF 2016 begins on Wednesday 14 September with the World Premiere of "To Dream" (starring Adam Deacon, Diana Vickers, ...

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Nicky 'Slim Ting' Walker

TBB's Marianne Miles Speaks to Nicky 'Slimting' Walker – Actor Writer & Producer of The Intent.

I've always been the loudest voice whenever a British movie comes out depicting guns, drugs and violence. I'm over the genre, I've been over it. Especially as we have had a couple of decades of this content and very little balance. So I watched The Intent not expecting anything of quality ...

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Roy Alexander Weise

TBB Speaks to JMK Award Winning Theatre Director Roy Alexander Weise

Roy Alexander Weise is a former trainee director of the Royal Court who worked on productions X (2016) and Hangmen (2016), and is now back to direct two new projects with Primetime and On Fleek. Roy also recently won the 2016 JMK Award Young Directors award for his production of The Mountaintop' by Katori Hall, which examines the ...

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(l-r)  Annetta Laufer, Shobu Kapoor

TBB Speaks to Annetta Laufer One Half Of Roman Candle Productions About Their New Sci-Fi Project Afro Punk Girl

After good many years in the creative industry, and finding the usual frustrations when it comes to progression or lack thereof for women of colour, filmmaker Annetta Laufa joined forces with her friend, actress/producer Shobu Kapoor to launch a production company called Roman Candle Productions. Their intention was to make films featuring women ...

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APPLY Royal Exchange Theatre Programme Leader: Schools PT Role. Manchester Deadline 8th July 2016

Job title: Programme Leader: Schools Responsible to: Head of Department: Participation & Learning Responsible for: The management, facilitation and delivery of a vibrant and relevant participation and learning programme for schools and colleges, delivered in partnership with formal education networks across Greater Manchester. Duration: Permanent Hours: 3 days a week (normal office working hours ...

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ShakaRa Speaks On It: Muhammad Ali, Lessons from the Greatest

On Saturday 4th June the world awoke to the news that the legend that is Muhammad Ali had passed away. Naturally, millions of tributes in various forms began to flood through every conceivable avenue and whatever their angle, a universal truth was apparent; this was a man that was far ...

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Black Apron Entertainment 
D M. Bailey (Producer), 
Heather Basten (Producer), 
Gino Ricardo Green (Director/Writer)

New Production Company Black Apron Entertainment Speak to TBB About New Film Project 'A Silent Night'

TBB’s Nellie Tandoh speaks to Gino Green about new film Production Company collective  'Black Apron Entertainment', on their new trailer ‘A Silent Night’, their influences and how they joined forces to bring Black and Ethnic Minority stories to life. How did Black Apron Entertainment come about and who does it comprise of? Black Apron ...

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Sychelle Yanda

TBB Speaks to 17yr old Sychelle Yanda Whose Short Film ’Between Lovers’ Will Screen @ BFI This Summer…

Sychelle Yanda is a 17 year old creative with a Congolese background. Hailing from Watford, Hertfordshire Yanda discovered writing after her parents divorce, and subsequent father's passing found her needing an outlet for her emotions. After writing numerous short stories,  Yanda went on to release her first self-published book which she recently ...

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Vicky Sola

TBB's Marianne Speaks to Singer Vicky Sola About Music & Overcoming a Troubled Upbringing

Victoria Ekundayo is a professional dancer with a bachelors degree in the subject and performances at Sadler’s Wells, Royal Festival Hall, Brixton Academy and O2 indigo under her belt. She started singing at the age of in church and in her school choir began to pursue her music career vigorously ...

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#TBBmustRead We Spoke to Comedian turned Channel CEO Kojo Anim About His Latest Venture 'The Colour Network'

I met Kojo many years ago growing up in a tiny part of Hackney, London. There were many characters, lots of talent and a few shining stars but Kojo stood out like a light sabre. He always had infectious optimism, so it was no surprise to any of us that ...

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‪Gugu Mbatha Raw‬ & ‪‎Malachi Kirby‬ Star In S3 of ‪‎Black Mirror‬ Premiering on ‪Netflix‬ in October!

black_mirrorBlack Mirror is a critically acclaimed Twilight Zone/Tales of the Unexpected-inspired Sci fi/fantasy/thriller series, created and written by Charlie Brooker.

Its hallmark? Dark and satirical themes examining modern society and the unanticipated consequences of new technologies such as cyberterrorism, gaming, dystopian societies, and virtual reality. It taps into “… our contemporary unease about our modern world”, with the sometimes prescient, parable-like stories having a “techno-paranoia” feel about them.

Charlie Brooker told The Guardian newspaper, “If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are the side effects? This area – between delight and discomfort – is where Black Mirror, my new drama series, is set. The ‘black mirror’ of the title is the one you’ll find on every wall, on every desk, in the palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone.”

When Netflix outbid Channel 4 for 12 new episodes last September, disgruntled Channel 4 executive Jay Hunt said, “Black Mirror couldn’t be a more Channel 4 show. We grew it from a dangerous idea to a brand that resonated globally. Of course it’s disappointing that the first broadcast window in the UK is then sold to the highest bidder, ignoring the risk a publicly owned channel like 4 took backing it.”

Suffice to say, the series is HOT, making any associated stars hot too!

Last night, it was announced that the first half of the hotly anticipated 3rd series will premiere globally on October 21st 2016 at 12:01 AM PT, much sooner than fans expected. Even better is the news that of the 6 episodes, 2 will star two TBB Favourites!

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in ‘San Junipero’ directed by Owen Harris; and Malachi Kirby stars in ‘Men Against Fire’ directed by Jakob Verbruggen.

Rather than a binge release of all episodes, new original installments will be released singly, roughly every 2-3 weeks throughout the Autumn.

Black Mirror originally aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and showcased some of our best young TBB talent. ‪‎Daniel Kaluuya‬ starred in ‘Fifteen Million Merits’, and this series also featured ‪Ashley Thomas‬, ‪Karl Collins‬,‪ Johan Myers‬, ‪‎Rakie Ayola‬, ‪McKell David‬ and ‪Rhashan Stone‬ across its 3 episodes.

Series 2 aired in 2013, and was not cast as ethnically generous as its predecessor. ‪Lenora Crichlow‬ starred in ‘White Bear’, and this series also featured ‪David Ajala‬ across its 3 episodes. There was also a Christmas Special in 2014.

Series 3 MIGHT exceed Series 2’s poor ethnic showing, since sources indicate that ‪‎Michaela Coel‬ is attached to this series, but isn’t listed as a cast member in this half.

We, therefore, assume that we can look forward to her appearance in one of the second half episodes. We can wait!

Watch this space!


Words by @DescantDeb

#TBBlisten to Radio DJ ‪‎Gemma Cairney Hosting Her Very 1st BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour

Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney discusses ‘Clueless’ as a feminist classic with journalists Harriet Hall and Alice Vincent. Along with Jo Swinson, MP and Director of Equal Power Counselling, about the Good Parliament Guide – a new 56 page guide, attempting to make Westminster a more inclusive and diverse place to work.

Critic and fashion philosopher, Dr Shahidha Bari, and Senior Curator at the Royal Collection Caroline de Guitaut discuss the dress of diplomacy.

Roisin Murphy, formerly of the band Moloko, talks about her new solo project, and  comedian Shappi Khorsandi talks about her personal, bittersweet debut YA novel, ‘Nina is Not Okay’.

We think Gemma did a great job!

Women’s Hour is broadcast at 10-11am weekdays and 4-5pm on Saturdays.

Late Night Women’s Hour features frank and funny discussions, broadcast at 11:30pm on the last Friday of the month.

Listen here: http://bbc.in/2aaeas8

Words by @DescantDeb

TBB’s @DescantDeb Reviews ‘The Intent’ In Cinemas NOW – Putting Young Black Lives On The Big Screen

the-intentThe Intent hits theatres Friday July 29th, and may herald a much-needed change in British cinema.

With the tagline “Trust No-one”, the story, penned and produced by Femi Oyeniran and Nicky Slimting Walker, tells the story of the TIC Crew – Thieves In the Community Hoodz (Scorcher AKA Tayo Jarrett), D’Angel (Shone Romulus) and narrator Gunz (Dylan Duffus). Three African-Caribbean Londoners who, along with Mitch (Femi Oyeniran) begin as a tight quartet of slightly bored, low-level weed sellers.

Gunz is particularly loyal to Hoodz, as he proves when, on a whim, Hoodz holds up a couple of old school mates for their jewellery and ‘bags’. Unquestioningly, Gunz has his back. The high that Hoodz feels causes him to believe that together, the foursome can hold up any one for anything and get rich quick. The easy-going D’Angel is game; Mitch is hesitant. Still, as ‘family’, he goes along with the first venture – the local newsagent. Terrorising the owner’s daughter Naeema (Jade Asha), the blag is going well, until Naeema’s mother, Miss Anne (Bhrina Bache), stumbles across the scene.

After a successful and life changing turn of events, the TIC is borne – a trio of swaggering Road Men, who continue with a series of ruthless armed robberies, taking lives and taking their place in London’s gangster underbelly with no heed for the established pecking order or territories. True to Hoodz’s prediction, they do, in fact, get very rich, very quick!

Oyeniran co-directs with Kalvadour Petersen and has created a feature that works on many levels. They coax strong, believable performances from Scorcher (Hoodz), Romulus (D’Angel) and Ashley Chin as rival gang leader G Money in particular. Scorcher gets the subtleties of Hoodz’s character just right – he reveals the complex play of charisma and absolute commitment to family, which he uses to manipulate the milder personalities around him, rather than the more obvious, or expected, bullying or violence. It had to come from him, since it wasn’t necessarily drawn out during the course of the story. He is also incredibly appealing as the handsome, physically and emotionally controlled, but immoral young man. He knows right from wrong, but is bad anyway. Romulus already impressed us with a pensive, nuanced performance as Paul, the quiet man, in Alex Lawton’s 2015 short ‘Out’ at last year’s BUFF short film presentation [1]. Here, he shows the other road his character in Out could have taken. D’Angel is equally as hard-nosed as Hoodz, but more realistic. Chin has been paying his dues in mainly TV for a while now, but shows off some real acting muscle here.

(l-r) The TIC crew Femi Oyeniran as 'Mitch'; Shone Romulus as 'D'Angel'; Scorcher as 'Hoodz'; Dylan Duffas as 'Gunz'

(l-r) The TIC crew Femi Oyeniran as ‘Mitch'; Shone Romulus as ‘D’Angel'; Scorcher as ‘Hoodz'; Dylan Duffas as ‘Gunz’

Oyeniran and Petersen, along with the Director of Photography Scott Sandford and Production Designer Lily Faith Knight make GREAT use of the various London and Birmingham locations and showcase the inner city with a gift not unlike Richard Curtis displayed in his London-based hits of the 1990s. Visually, it puts forward the argument that not all ‘Road Men’ emerge from broken down Council Estate beginnings or constantly murk-filled days that the sun never kisses. It also states quite plainly, that young men may still face the life-changing choices between criminality and citizenship well into their 20s. It gives a slightly different perspective from Noel Clarke’s Kidulthood (2006) and Adulthood (2008), but joins it in giving the British African-Caribbean community a reflection on aspects of our unique inner city life more likely to be portrayed in fringe theatre (numerous) or TV (Babyfather, 2001 or Top Boy, 2011) than on the big screen – a space heretofore reserved more for the Danny Dyer/Ray Winstone Essex/white London boy gangster story (numerous).

The Intent treads ground partially covered by 2015’s comedy-thriller Hackney’s Finest [2] and contrasts nicely with 2013’s comedy Gone Too Far! [3, 4, 5] set in a younger age group and more specific to one of the Diaspora’s sub-cultures. It will almost certainly appeal to the directly affected generation, and deserves a place in the developing big screen canon.

That said, there are aspects which may not work so well for critics. The great scene between Hoodz and his mum, Mrs. Vincent (Michelle Greenidge), gave an all-too rare insight into his background. Occupying the screen for less than 3 minutes, Greenidge gives a memorable performance as a mother unable to comprehend the path her son has taken and unable to support it in any way. She channels all of her hurt bewilderment into more than just a stinging verbal attack. She saved the film from almost totally failing its female characters, of which none of the other female characters were more than 2-dimensional caricatures whom it was impossible to care about or root for.

Scorcher & Michelle Greenidge who play mother and son in The Intent.  @ The Intent Premiere, Cineworld Haymarket Monday 25th August 2016

Scorcher & Michelle Greenidge who play mother and son in The Intent.
@ The Intent Premiere, Cineworld Haymarket Monday 25th August 2016

There were multiple subtle and not-so-subtle plot holes, which could have been forgiven if the final problem had been addressed. The dialogue, at times, but particularly in the beginning, relied too heavily on authenticity and not enough on being understandable or adding to the development of the story or character back stories, or even injecting the humour which young people like this naturally utilise in unguarded moments. Ultimately, because of that, it made the actors’ jobs that bit harder to fully engage that extra dimension for the characters.

Overall, though, The Intent gives some great examples of what can be achieved in cinematic story-telling, relevant to the British African-Caribbean community and will help to inform those extrinsic observers who have got it wrong so often. It also has an EXCELLENT Grime soundtrack, which will accompany the film’s release, featuring Ghetts, Ms. Banks, Big Tobz, Ruff Sqwad, Cadet amongst others.

Theatrical release will also be accompanied by simultaneous Digital and Home Entertainment formats on July 29th!

Support this movie!

Social Media:

  • Twitter: @theintentmovie
  • Instagram: @theintent
  • Facebook: THE INTENT


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Words by @DescantDeb

Lionsgate UK & Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures Launch TV Writing Competition For Emerging Talent.

write_to_green_lightZygi Kamasa, CEO of Lionsgate UK & Europe and Idris Elba, CEO of Green Door Pictures announced that the two companies have partnered to launch a competition to find emerging UK resident writing talent in returnable drama series.

The project, which is open for submissions now, is designed to discover new creative voices for television. The competition will draw from a pool of UK resident writers looking to break into writing their own original material for broadcast.

Kamasa and Elba will also join a select panel of industry leaders in judging the entries, selecting the finalists and announcing the winners.

Zygi Kamasa commented, “Partnering with Idris and Green Door Pictures on this project underscores our ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting creative talent. I’m excited to see what new talent will be discovered.”

Idris Elba, CEO, Green Door Pictures adds, “We are excited to be partnering with Lionsgate UK on Write To Green Light; to search out and support new TV voices. We are proud to support new and diverse talent at Green Door Pictures and look forward to discovering fresh  writing voices, through this competition, to add to the family.”

The competition will close at 5pm GMT on Monday 8th August 2016 and will culminate in a live event in London later in the year with rehearsed readings from three finalists’ scripts, giving the writers an opportunity to hear their work read by high profile professionals in front of key industry figures.  The winning script, announced at the live event, will receive a paid option with Green Door Pictures and Lionsgate UK, with a view to develop the series for production.

There are two categories for entrants – the first category is for writers who already have  professional credits in television but whose original series, mini-series or stand-alone ideas have not been produced or broadcast by a UK broadcaster, including online platforms.  The second category is for writers with a possible background in theatre, short form content or film, but who have no UK broadcast credits and are looking for an opportunity to showcase their work.

The competition will award detailed written feedback on the scripts of 10 shortlisted writers and the three finalists will receive feedback and a development meeting with Green Door Pictures and Lionsgate UK. The finalists will also have a 15 minute extract from their script performed at the live event.

The final evening promises to be a showcase of exciting quality work as well as a gathering of the industry’s top broadcasters, commissioners, producers, directors and talent management. The readings will be performed and directed by the highest calibre professionals alongside up-and- coming actors in order to offer them a similar platform and round off the project’s overall commitment to supporting and elevating talent.

For further information and full entry criteria please see the links below:


About Lionsgate UK – Lionsgate U.K. is the diversified U.K.-based filmed entertainment arm of Lionsgate (NYSE:LGF), the leading independent filmed entertainment studio. The company (formerly Redbus Film Distributors) was acquired by Lionsgate in October 2005 and has since established a reputation in the U.K. as a leading producer and distributor and acquirer of commercially successful and critically acclaimed product, recently releasing crowd pleaser “Eddied the Eagle”, the multi award winning “Brooklyn”, the BAFTA Nominated “Scicario”, and blockbuster “London Has Fallen”. Upcoming titles for the 2016 slate include breakout hit “Sing Street”, Noel Clarke’s “Brotherhood”, Peter Berg’s “Deepwater Horizon” and Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land”.

About Green Door Pictures – Green Door Pictures is a Film & TV company driven by telling original, distinctive and untold stories. The Company believes in diversity of thought and ideas as well as reflecting the diversity in our society. Launched in 2014 Green Door Pictures has feature “A Hundred Street” which stars Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton and in 2015 co-produced the documentary “Mandela My Dad and Me”, directed by Daniel Vernon. Aside from this filming is currently underway for Season 2 of the Shine North co-pro “No Limits” for Discovery and for scripted the company has John Ridley’s limited TV series “Guerrilla” for Sky and Showtime. Green Door Pictures aim to entertain, educate and inspire through scripted and non-scripted programming both in the UK and globally.

First Look: 24th Raindance Film Festival Launches Official Trailer – A Tribute To Steven Spielberg

raindance_2016The official trailer for the 24th annual Raindance Film Festival has arrived! Directed by award-winning Brazilian filmmaker, Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra, the trailer is a tribute to filmmaking legend Steven Spielberg, a man who for decades, has undoubtedly influenced and inspired film lovers and filmmakers across the globe.

Lapietra, who last month won a Young Director Award for the trailer during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, captures the inner child in all of us, taking us on a journey from when we first discovered the film that ignited our passion for the art form.

Listed by Variety as one of the world’s top 50 ‘unmissable film festivals’, Raindance showcases features, shorts, music videos, virtual reality films and web series’ by filmmakers from the UK and around the world celebrating and supporting independent, new and alternative filmmakers not just during our 12 day festival but throughout the year.

The 24th Raindance Film Festival will take place from the 21st September – 2nd October 2016 in Central London (Piccadilly Circus), screening 100 feature films and over 100 short films.

Raindance Film Festival is officially recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences USA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the British Independent Film Awards. Selected shorts will qualify for Oscar® and BAFTA nominations. British short films that play in competition and all British features that play in 2016 will be eligible for entry for the 2016 British Independent Film Awards BIFA.

The full festival programme and access to tickets for the 2016 festival will be available on the Raindance website (raindancefestival.org) from Thursday, August 25th, 2016.

Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film in the UK and around the world. Based in the heart of London, Raindance combines Raindance Film Festival, Training Courses, the prestigious British Independent Film Awards.

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